List of programs and projects implemented by NGO BIOS

  1. Soil and People project in partnership with Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI), Kenya, TWA (Albania), CICODEV-Africa (Senegal) and ACF (Zambia) supported by International Land Coalition (2016).
  2. Analytical study of climate change resilience measures and strategy for the implementation of IFAD VI Program in framework of “Inclusive Rural Economic and Climate Resilience Programme”, funded by IFAD/GEF (2015).
  3. Development of Practical Guidelines for drawing up expenditure plan for implementation of soil conservation measures, including cost of actions in framework of “Inclusive Rural Economic and Climate Resilience Programme” (IFAD VI), funded by IFAD/GEF (2015).
  4. Promotion of the European path benefits among farmers and food producers implemented by Transparency International and some members of Eastern Partnership, including NGO BIOS. The Contracting authority is NDI funded by USAID (2015).
  5. The National Pilot Project “Improving the national emission inventory system in the context of emissions reporting under the LRTAP Convention”. The Contracting authority is MWH Consortium, in the framework of the EU-funded project Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries (2013-2014).
  6. Development of Environmental and Social Management Plans in framework of MCA Moldova Program “Transition to high performing agriculture, supported with MCC funding (2011-2015).
  7. Actions for Reducing the Impact of Desertification (ARID) in framework of the REC for Central and Eastern Europe’s SECTOR Programme, funded by the Government of Sweden (2013-2014).
  8. Promotion of organic farming and good agricultural practices in rural areas (together with NGO Cutezatorul) in framework of the REC CEE’s SECTOR Programme, funded by SIDA (2013-2014).
  9. BIOS Viability in framework of the REC CEE’s SECTOR Programme, funded by SIDA (2013-2014).
  10. Evaluation of environmental impact of the WB/SIDA Project Land Re-parcelling in six communities (together with NGO AGREX and CREDO) (2011).
  11. Study on economic opportunities for rural women in Moldova (together with NGO AGREX) /UNIFEM WEE Program, funded by SIDA (2011).
  12. Support to preparation of a national re-parceling strategy in the Republic of Moldova (together with ACSA), funded by FAO (2010-2011).
  13. Environment Training to Project Institutions within RISP II project supplement, funded by the World Bank (2009).
  14. Evaluation of socio-economic and environmental impact of the WB/GEF Agricultural Pollution Control Project (2008-2009).
  15. Access of farmers and rural entrepreneurs to agricultural information, funded by USAID (2008-2009).
  16. Training and Demonstration Workshops in good agricultural practices in framework of the UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project: “Strengthening the Implementation for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in the Danube River Basin” implemented by Carl Bro (2005-2006).
  17. Assessment of socio-economic situation, and peoples’ perceptions of Project “Ecological Network Creation on Pruth River”, implemented by NGO Ecospectru and financed by the World Bank (2005).
  18. Evaluation of the reports of the national experts on overall situation and on existing capacities for implementation of the three Rio Conventions (UNFCCC, UNCCD, CBD) in framework of the UNDP/GEF project “Needs assessment for capacity building at national level” (2004).
  19. Development of Communication Strategy and Plan of Actions for education, training and information in framework of the World Bank/GEF Project “Enabling Activities related to the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Republic of Moldova” (2003-2004).
  20. Three years programme “Best Farmer’s Teacher is Farmer” funded by the Dutch foundations CORDAID and NOVIB (2002-2006).
  21. Programme (together with Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Bucharest, Romania) in vulnerability of agro-systems and water resources of the Pruth river basin to climate change funded by the Romanian government (2000-2002).
  22. Three years programme (together with Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Bucharest, Romania) “Development and validation of support system for optimization of decisions on agrophysical state of soils in small and medium farms in Romania and the Republic of Moldova” funded by Romanian government (2000-2002).
  23. The benefits of diversity, introducing LEISA and organic farming to Moldova (together with Avalon Foundation) funded by the Dutch foundation CORDAID (2001).
  24. Sustainable agriculture three year programme funded by the Dutch foundations CORDAID and NOVIB (2000-2002).
  25. Development of a computer model for soil erosion prognoses and sustainable land use management funded by RSS Scheme (1998 – 2000).
  26. Scientific conference with international participation “Soil Science in the Republic of Moldova at the end of the 2nd Millennium” financed by USIA (1999). Co-organizers were IREX and Moldovan Society of Soil Science.
  27. Sustainable agriculture project on slopes funded by the Dutch foundation CORDAID (1999).
  28. Sustainable agriculture project in Cretoaia village funded by the Dutch foundation NOVIB (1998).
  29. Training in sustainable agriculture with local and USA experts for scientists, farmers and decision makers, financed by USAID (1996). EPT/Moldova was the co-organizer of the events.
  30. Project on use of wastes for training of invalid children in environment protection and handicraft skills financed by Counterpart Foundation (1996).
  31. Training Program for the staff of the NGO BIOS in accounting, management and communication. Publication of an ecological bulletin funded by EURASIA Foundation (1995 – 1996).
  32. International Soil Erosion Conference (1995). Co-organizers were the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and the Research Institute for Pedology and Agrochemistry “N. Dimo”.

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