We express sincere thanks to BIOS partners for cooperation with us in the implementation of projects. We are grateful to all co-organizers of training events and to the contributors of materials published by BIOS for the information of our readers. Our highest appreciation is due to International Land Coalition, which made possible the regular issue of this Bulletin and other activities useful for the population of Moldova.


Elena Bivol, Claudia Partole, Valentin Ciubotaru

BioSynopsis nr. 36

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The Territorial Cadastral Office Causeni of the State Chancellery together with the Land Relations and Cadastre Agency and the National Engagement Strategy (NES) organized today a training  seminar on “Delimitation of Public Real Estate Property” with the participation of land relations and cadastre specialists within the mayoralty of Anenii Noi district.

The moderator of the event was Ms. Viorica Costin-Morozanu, Head of the Territorial Cadastral Office Causeni of the State Chancellery .

Mr. Lilian Mindov, Head of Real Estate Cadastre Department, Agency of Land Relations and Cadastre presented the practices for the genuine application of land related law by decision-makers in the local public administration:
1. Delimitation of public land,
2. Correction of Cadastre Errors.

The discussed issues have been of particular interest for participants and the representatives of the National Governmental Agencies responded to the multiple questions of the participants.

The Representative of the NES Platform presented the Strategy’s provisions and the activities carried out within the NES related to discussed topics.

Mr. Lilian Mindov and Ms. Viorica Costin-Morozanu answered to the multiple questions of the participants.

Such seminars will be carried out in other districts of the Republic of Moldova.


The NES Platform Team

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The works of the 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (SUERD) take place on June 27-28 Final_Agenda_in_EN_-_29.05.2019 .

One of the main topics is the discussion of the EUSDR was the Revised Action Plan. Public hearings of the Action Plan were held on the first day of the Forum.  There were many comments, recommendations, suggestions for improvement, including from NGO BIOS.

The event is organized very well and there are many things, good practices which we could learn and take over, such as the public hearings of EUSDR Action Plan that were held in Austria and their proposals were discussed at the event.

NGO BIOS over the past three years has organized the National Participation Day in the Republic of Moldova of the EUSDR jointly by the National EUSDR Coordinator, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment in coordination with Danube Civil Society Forum, Foster Europe, Foundation for strong European Regions, ILC and Priority Area 10 responsible for civil society and participation in the EUSDR, the City of Vienna. This events were financially supported by Baden-Württemberg foundation, Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with Austrian Development and Cooperation Funds and ILC.

We proposed to the National Coordinator SUERD in March this year to organize public hearings of the EUSDR’ Action Plan with all stakeholders – within the National Participation Day, but, unfortunately, we have received no response so far. We were surprised by such an attitude, having a very good collaboration during the previous years.

We hope that by the end of the year we will renew good cooperation, so this year, but also in the future to organise National Participation Day and to promote and implement EUSDR together in Moldova.





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