Analytical study of land rights infringements – Article included in the proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Eastern European Chernozemites – 140 years after V. Dokuceaev” and presented in the section: People centered land governance, organized by the Institute of Pedology, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection “Nicolae Dimo”, the National Society of Soil Science of Moldova, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova, the Global Soil Partnership, the International Network of Black Soils, FAO and the Platform of the National Engagement Strategy in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on October 2 – 3, 2019.

Analytical study of land rights infringements

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The Territorial Office Chisinau of the State Chancellery together with the Land Relations and Cadastre Agency and the National Engagement Strategy (NES) organized today a training  seminar on “Delimitation of Public Real Estate Property” with the participation of land relations and cadastre specialists within the mayoralty of Straseni district.

The moderator of the event was Ms. Viorica Costin-Morozanu, Deputy Chair of the Territorial Office Chisinau (Straseni district) of the State Chancellery.

Mr. Lilian Mindov, Head of Real Estate Cadastre Department, Agency of Land Relations and Cadastre presented the practices for the genuine application of land related law by decision-makers in the local public administration:
1. Delimitation of public land,
2. Correction of Cadastre Errors.

The discussed issues have been of particular interest for participants.

The Representative of the NES Platform presented the Strategy’s provisions and the activities carried out within the NES related to discussed topics.

The representative of the National Agency for Food Safety presented information on the damage caused by ambrosia, as well as the measures to be taken by local public authorities and economic agents for the destruction of ambrosia plants.

Mr. Lilian Mindov answered to the multiple questions of the participants.

Such seminars will be carried out in other districts of the Republic of Moldova.


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GEF organized visits to the projects they supported. This is the first experience since GEF Extended Workshops are performed, This experience is very useful because we have discussed in detail all the cycles of realization of the three projects on biodiversity conservation.

I thought that the territory is well organised and clean only in the capital, but I was pleasantly impressed that throughout the trace (over 100 km from Minsk – it was the same picture) I have not seen any waste or plastic bags on the road. Fields with agricultural crops look very good, and they are working according to technology We really have a lot of things to learn from them.

It was a journey and a workshop that exceeded my expectations and I liked that in many ways we have the same vision with our Moldovan colleagues who participated in this Workshop. We will jointly promote best practices in Moldova.


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