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Elena Bivol, Claudia Partole, Valentin Ciubotaru

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The Meeting of the initiative group on the establishment of the Consultative Platform of the representatives of the civil society at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova took place on December 10.

Mrs. Zinaida Greceanii, the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, spoke about the context and objectives of the Platform during the meeting. Mr. Adrian Albu, the Secretary General of the Parliament presented the Platform Concept, and then debates took place.

In the end, the Consultative Platform of the representatives of the civil society was set up at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. NGO BIOS is part of this Platform.

The Platform is composed of the following thematic groups:
1) for the legal field, human rights and national security;
2) for social protection, health and family;
3) agriculture and food industry, regional development and environmental protection;
4) for the economy and the business environment;
5) for culture, education, youth, sports and media.

We hope that it will be a functional platform and the proposals of the civil society will be seriously taken into consideration.

More information could be found on the website of the Parliament of Moldova:


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