The due attention is paid to the awareness raising and ecological education of children. Throughout the country education and awareness building actions in water, soil, air and biodiversity protection actions are implemented according to general aims and objectives of the organization.  The actions are organised through developed manuals, workshops, seminars, meetings, ecological hours, contests, excursions, green patrols, performances on air, water and soil protection, practical work for environmental protection, etc. much attention is paid to the development of adequate methodology for carrying out participatory educational events in environmental protection for children and youth as well as to the diversification of the contents of such education.


Lectures of the book of fairytales and poems written by children and published by BIOS wereaqwe organized in primary schools including Zirnesti, Cobani, Butesti, Tartaul de Salcie, several schools in Chisinau.  The children-authors took part in the lectures, reading bits from the fairytales and poems sharing their personal experience in soil conservation activities.

Ecological hours

Ecological hours are organised every year in different schools in environmental protection.  The schoolchildren are involved through various methods of participatory education, including group work, individual presentations, role play, brainstorming, etc.

Scouts’ activities

NGO BIOS co-organised along with the scouts organisations of Moldova camps for scouts that implemented a number of useful activities for the local population, including assistance to old people, manual clearing of pests from trees of the reserve, to carry out social work in two villages, to assist with the clearing of one small river and to improve the oratory capabilities of the participants on the theme of nature conservation.

daswerertreteRadio programs and radio materials

Radio programs were prepared for children and adults of the country in:

  • general environmental protection,
  • the experience of environmental protection and social work in Tartaul de Salcie children,
  • fairytales in soil protection published by BIOS,
  • the poems about nature received by BIOS from its young correspondents,
  • climate change
  • biodiversity (including wetland) conservation.

The materials are produced and prepared with the assistance of children and were multiplied for use by village and school radio stations of different localities and as support materials during nature protection lessons in schools.

Ecological excursions

Winners of the contests organised by BIOS took part in an ecological excursion to the Prutul de Jos, Plaiul Fagului and Padurea Domneasca Nature Reserves and BIOS pilot plots. At the Nature Reserves, the children met with the staff and environmental protection authorities, admired the rare birds and plants and discussed opportunities for the solution of some of the problems revealed by the Reserves staff. At the BIOS pilot plots the children met with their peers from local schools. The children shared their experience in environmental protection actions, performed by them. During the excursions contests and games for children were organised.

Implementation of microprojects in environmental protection

Implementation of microprojects in different villages of the country which focus on the following activities:

  • Afforestation of a gully with endangering the agricultural fields in Tartaul de Salcie;
  • Clearing a square and planting it with trees  in Zirnesti;
  • Clearing a small portion of Bic river;
  • Organization of a small recreation zone in Chisinau;
  • Cleaning springs and fitting up the space around it in Cucuruzeni, Tartaul de Salcie, Cobani;
  • Cleaning of a ruined well and making a nice space around it in Cobani;
  • Tree planting lessons with preparation of training materials for children in Bubuieci; Sofia, Camenca, Butesti, Cobani, Tartaul de Salcie, Cucuruzeni.

Performances of children 

Several performances were prepared by Tartaul de Salcie Gymnasium, Cajba, Cobani and Chisinau lyceums to the local population and some external visitors on the way to live in harmony with nature.  The performances included poems written by the children and songs, playing Moldovan folk instruments, dance and role play.  Some of the performances were held in the forests of the villages that were taken care by the village adults and children.

Development and dissemination a good practice in environmental protection

BIOS cooperates with the school in the development of an educational and trainingqweqwwqwq programme for children including practical events for environmental protection in the village. The programme was developed and carried out with the assistance of the Cobani Mayor’s office. It includes training sessions for children dedicated to soil and water conservation, respectively, training sessions for parents of the schoolchildren in general cleanliness of the village and in the need for forests and forest belts, the building of nests for birds, excursions about the village nature spots, issuing of ecological school newspaper, the cleaning of springs, the ecological patrol, contest of ecological guides for the northern part of the country, the development of ecological shows.  NGO BIOS staff has committed to provide training materials for the planned events as well as logistical support for some of the activities, multiplication of the methodology materials on the events carried out for use by other teachers of the region.

National contests of home made books in soil, water and biodiversity conservation

The contests were organised in cooperation with the Department “Programmes for children, teenagers and youth” of the State company “Teleradio-Moldova” and with NGO “EcoTerra”. Two radio programmes for children were prepared and broadcasted.  Over 500 upper school age children from 150 localities of Moldova participated in the contests. The materials sent by children to the contests were widely used in the programmes, along with children’s opinions on discussed issues.

Contests of poems, drawings, humorous stories about nature

The contests being an important means to find talent and promote environmental protection three contests were announced in which over 300 participants got engaged. The materials selected for publication or use in BIOS bulletin were valuable in both contents and form. The results of the contests are: a published book of poems on nature with drawings, small spaces in the BioSynopsis bulletin dedicated to poems and humor.

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