education1The due attention is paid to the awareness raising and ecological education of children.
Throughout the country education and awareness building actions in sustainable agriculture and environment protection.  The actions are organised through developed manuals, workshops, seminars, meetings, excursions, practical work on the agricultural plots near schools, etc.

Educational work in schools

According to the concept of the BIOS Board of Directors and its executive branch the investment in children is highly rewarding and holds many benefits for the future.  Therefore m uch attention is paid to the development of adequate methodology for carrying out participatory educational events in agro-environmental issues for children and youth as well as to the diversification of the contents of such education.

education2Workshops and Seminars

Participatory workshops and seminars in soil, water, air and biodiversity conservation with excursions in the BIOS pilot plots and local forests for schoolchildren and students are organised.



Radio programs and radio materials

Radio programs were prepared for children and adults of the country in:

  • the experience of soil erosion prevention and control,
  • desertification,
  • sustainable agriculture,
  • persistent organic pollutants.

education3The materials are produced and prepared with the assistance of children and are used as support

Contest of essays “Land-Eternity”

A contest of essays on the topic “Land-Eternity” for students and schoolchildren with an orientation for searching for older methods of soil protection known and/or used by their grandparents. The idea was for the children to cooperate with the older generations in performing a research of soil protection methods with a view of their subsequent revival if applicable. A number of 116 children and young people from all the parts of Moldova participated. The education4essays ranged from highly literary-romantical to very technical and were based both on the study of special literature and on the communication with parents and grandparents.

Contest of Fairytales on soil conservation

A national contest of fairytales in soil conservation was organised and 73 authors submitted their works for consideration as parts of a special book for children of younger school age. It was followed by a process of refining the works selected for publication, which was carried out by professional writers. A fairytale book with orientation towards soil conservation lays a basis for early education of children and makes the further steps of the educational process easier.

National contests of poems in soil, water and biodiversity conservation

education5The contests were organised in cooperation with the Department “Programmes for children, teenagers and youth” of the State compan y “Teleradio-Moldova” and with NGO “EcoTerra”. Two radio programmes for children were prepared and broadcasted.  Over 500 upper school age children from 150 localities of Moldova participated in the contests. The materials sent by children to the contests were widely used in the programmes, along with children’s opinions on discussed issues.  The home made books of children in nature protection are used in a permanent exhibition in BIOS office and used by most of BIOS visitors, both children and adult.  A part of the materials collected in this way were used as resource materials for BIOS bulletin and its insert for children.

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