NGO BIOS started its activity in 1993 and was registered in February 1995 as a non-profit group committed to work in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and rural community development in the Republic of Moldova. NGO BIOS devotes all its efforts to the improvement of the environment and life conditions of the people based on sustainable development principles.

NGO BIOS has implemented 4 programmes and over 3 projects over the period 1995-2014. The projects were focused mainly on practical activities for environmental protection and sustainable agriculture in rural areas with awareness building campaigns in the same subjects for the whole of the country. Within projects and programmes carried out by BIOS a number of social, economic, ecologic and gender studies and surveys, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects were implemented. NGO BIOS developed and published over 60 publications and 2 video films in the field of sustainable agriculture, environment protection and community development.

NGO BIOS provides the following services:
• research, implementation, interactive training and education in:
 environmental protection,
 sustainable agriculture,
 organic agriculture,
 community development,
 green economy,
 participation and empowerment,
 partnership and networking.
• environmental and social impact assessment of projects,
• capacity building for NGOs, local and national authorities in environmental issues and agriculture;
• development of strategies and action plans in environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and community development;
• development and implementation of organic farms;
• development and printing of accessible publications for adults and children;
• facilitation of meetings among various stakeholders;
• public hearing of laws, plans, projects, reports;
• coordination of programs.

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