AO BIOS dedicates its efforts to improving the environment and livelihoods of Moldovan people based on sustainable development principles.

The activity of AO BIOS aims at sustainable development and it is guided by its basic organizational values. These describe both the internal culture of the association and its relationship with the external actors:

  • Dedication – to offer to people of the rural space the best possible services.
  • Honesty – to acquire and promote honest and fair practices and relationships with partners and constituents, with any person that comes into contact with the organisation.
  • Creativity – to seek and find adequate solutions to the numerous problems existing in the rural space.        
  • Transparency – to confer confidence and obtain participation in relationships with partners, constituents and other concerned parties.
  • Compassion – to understand the source of people’s problems and to support them in their personal development and evolution.
  • Respect – to allow for dignity and respectful treatment of any person that comes into contact with the staff of the association.
  • Simplicity – to make all clients and partners of the association welcome, so that they feel that they are treasured and honoured, to eliminate any bureaucratic barriers from communication and activity.
  • Development – so that the organisation always addresses new subjects and aspects form the area of its activity.

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