The president of the Board of Directors of AO BIOS is the writer Claudia Partole, member of Writers’ Union of the Republic of Moldova, member of the Writers’ Union of Romania, member of the Musicians’ Union of the Republic of Moldova. She has worked as a reporter and editor in a number of mass-media agencies (Tele-Radio Moldova Committee, a number of newspapers and magazines), but also in schools and libraries, working simultaneously on her own creation.  Thus, she has published numerous collections of poetry, prose, plays (both for adults and children), as well as newspaper articles in different subjects, especially dealing with spiritual development, protection of nature, education, relationships, migration, etc.  Many of her works earned honorary awards and prizes both of the Republic of Moldova (on behalf of the Writers’ Union, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, International Book Exhibitions in Chisinau, Balti and Iasi, Romania; UNESCO, etc), as well as other countries. Her highest awards are the IBBY Honorary Diploma (Andersen Diploma) and Eminescu Medal.

Ms Partole is actively involved in addressing specific areas of nature degradation and is genuinely enthusiastic in any activity for its protection.  Thus she is an active, visionary leader, that offers to the organisation valuable advice and recommendations on directions of activity and ways to implement specific tasks.

The Message of the President of AO BIOS

Dear friends,

Nature is the subtle substance which elevates us above our material existence.  Nature is our cradle at birth and the home of our body when the soul departs from it.  Nature is the healer of our physical and moral injuries throughout our lives.  Nature is both food and drink for us every day of our lives.  It is the eternal essence which connects us to the pulse of the Earth and to the infinite power of the universe.  Day in and Day out, Nature offers us precious gifts and requests nothing in exchange.  Maybe just a small thing: for us protect it against degradation and pollution! Therefore we need all and each to make a small effort to give back to Nature what has been taken form it.  I urge you to get up and make this effort, either individually or in groups of friends and families; to do it always, when we are sad and lonely, when we have our days of triumph and exaltation and also on days when we celebrate our childish or mature birthdays, on family anniversaries or on anniversaries of our organisations.  Each small or great effort such as planting some trees, or regenerating an old forest belt or taking care of springs, lakes, wells and rivers, or just by saving consistently natural resources. These activities do not take much effort but there are inestimable to Nature if dome by all.  Thus we contribute to bringing the beauty into our lives, but also into the lives of our children and grandchildren.  Thus we maintain and strengthen out health and make the day of tomorrow still possible.  Let us all be Nature’s friends, like Nature does to us every day.  Let us love Nature unconditionally today and every day!

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