Currently BIOS team consists of:

  • Valentin Ciubotaru – Executive Director
  • Elena Bivol – Training Coordinator
  • Anna Moldovan – Environment Protection Expert
  • Eugenia Bordianu – Project Coordinator and Office Manager
  • Anton Gonciaruc – Accountant, Lawyer
  • Igor Bercu – IT Expert
  • Nicolae Ciubotaru – Logistics Coordinator
  • Alexandru Coronovschi – Soil Amelioration and Irrigation Expert
  • Iurie Moşoi – Expert in Soil Science
  • Valentina Andriucă – Expert in Agro-ecology
  • Andrei Gumovschi – Expert in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Mihail Rurac – Expert in Conservation Agriculture
  • Nicolae Cherdivară – Designer
  • Elena Bîrca– Facilitator of National Engagement Strategy (NES)
  • Maria Bivol-NES Facilitatir Assistant

Additionally, whenever needed, extra staff and experts are hired from a list of high quality resource persons for specific works short term tasks.

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