Dear Members of the Accredited CSOs to the UNCCD .

It is our pleasure to share with you the latest issue of our newsletter, that brings news related to land conservation and sustainable use of its resources. This fourth issue includes news and work updates from the CSO networks, Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought (IWG), Science-Policy Interface (SPI), technical guide of FAO-UNCCD process, as well as the CSO panel workplan SEP2020_CSOPanel_Newsletter-1. Stay tuned!

As COVID-19 upends lives and livelihoods across the planet, many of us continue to cope with the fallout of the pandemic, mobilizing and building action to protect our lands, we would like to continue to compile these inspiring stories so please  do not hesitate to tell us how you carry on with the situation, and how you are able to meet the needs arising among the communities you work with.

We look forward to staying in touch with you!

Your CSO Panel.


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Dear colleagues,

Please find attached the Summary Report of Thematic Meeting #2 “Enablers for integrating land tenure into land degradation neutrality” held on 21 August 2020 Summary report 21Aug meeting. I also attach the presentation Presentation-FAO_21August_Enablers and the preparatory note for ease of reference Preparatory note for participants 21-08-2020.add.

Thank you for your contributions. We will continue to integrate also your inputs received in writing into the ongoing work for the Technical Guide.

Best regards

Stefan Schlingloff

FAO, Land and Water Division

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Welcome to this new issue of the CSO panel JUNE-2020-CSO-Panel-Newsletter3.

We hope it finds you in good health. As everyone begins to take stock of the crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as many of us reflect on how to build « the day after », it remains imperative to continue mobilization and action to protect lands, that is the support of biodiversity,source of our food, and indispensable for our health.

The celebration of 17 June « Desertification and Drought Day » is an opportunity to make noise about the situation of drylands. This year, the theme chosen by the UNCCD secretariat « Food.Feed.Fibre » invites us to question the impact of our consumption practices, particularly for our food and clothing, on the land. Many of you are also taking advantage of this day to raise awareness and make your messages heard by governments. Do not hesitate to share your experiences with the entire CSO community!

Finally, in this newsletter, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Jiajia Luo, as alternate CSO Observer to the SPI, and the launch of the new CSO panel website. We look forward to staying in touch with you!

Your CSO Panel


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Following the decisions at UNCCD COP14, FAO in collaboration with UNCCD will be organizing a series of online expert consultations that will contribute to produce a technical guide on how to integrate the VGGT into the implementation of the Convention and land degradation neutrality. These consultations will bring together national experts from selected countries, subject matter experts, SPI members and CSO representatives of UNCCD and key resource partners who will contribute in the preparation of the technical guide.

The first online consultation were be held on 17 June 2020 on occasion of the “Desertification and Drought Day” from 14:00 – 16:00 hrs (Rome time)

1. Why are we here?
14:00-14:10 (10 min)
Opening and setting the scene
Vera Boerger, Senior Land and Water Officer, FAO, and Barron Orr, Lead Scientist at UNCCD14:10-14:40 (30 min)
Institutional perspective
– Eduardo Mansur, Director, Land and Water Division, FAO
– Marcela Villarreal, Director, Partnerships Division, FAO
– Louise Baker, Unit Chief, External Relations, Policy and Advocacy, UNCCD
– Christina Blank, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
– Christopher Hegadorn, Secretary, Committee on World Food Security
РMarioldy Sanchez Santiva̱ez, AIDER, Peru
2. What realities do we have on ground?
14:40-15:30 (50 min)
Status of VGGT and LDN
Insights from country case studies of bridging the gap between VGGT and LDN- Mongolia – Governance in pastureland;
– Sierra Leone – National Land Policy Reform
– Senegal – Introducing VGGT in integrated land management
– Tunisia – Land consolidation and conservation
– Guyana – Linkages of LDN and land use planningDiscussions
3. How can you contribute?
15:30-15:55 (25 min)
Next steps and draft annotated outline
– Introduction by Stefan Schlingloff, Land and Water Officer, FAOConsultative process in countries and CRIC
– Intervention by Trevor L. Benn, Commissioner, Guyana Lands and Surveys CommissionDiscussion and roles for contributing to the process15:55-16:00 (5 min)
Conclusion and closing remarks

Concept Note for online consultations on integration of CFS-VGGT into implementation of UNCCD and LDN is following: Concept_Note_Consultations (1)

Due to the increased interest and multiple comments, the duration of the conference was extended, and each participant (about 60) mentioned what he could contribute to the development of this Guide.

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I had the great pleasure of meeting, discussing and working with many people at the 14th UNCCD Conference of the Parties. Some of them participated for the first time in such an event.

One such person is Mrs. Kalyanee Shah, President of AO “Socio Economic Welfare Action for Women and Children” in Nepal. Namely, the representative of indigenous peoples, I proposed to present the position of civil society on soil health and population health in the Interactive Dialogue at the high level segment of the Conference (with the ministers of the participating countries), which we prepared together in the working group.

At first he refused and said he would not be able to present, and then being encouraged by 3 other representatives of different organizations in Nepal, but also by the other members of the Working Group, he accepted and presented with a rather harsh position from civil society.

Upon her return to her home country, she and her colleagues were invited as special guests at the UNDP-Climate Action for Young Nepalese in Kathmandu.

And from them I received a letter which I attach below.

Dear CSO friends,

Participation in COP 14 is our first experience of UNCCD activities. We got chance to learn how UNCCD is functioning and giving importance to CSO involvement.

Here we want to thank Jiajia, Bhawani, Natalia, Valentin, Jone, Amit, Yaya for their support and cooperation without which our active participation was not possible.

Our special thanks to Marcos who encouraged and help us to join UNCCD COP 14.

Sunil Manandhar
SEWA Nepal Team
Lal Nani from Green Energy Nepal
Kalyanee Shah, President of “Socio Economic Welfare Action for Women and Children” from Nepal.


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