Education and Training

Training Courses in Organic Agriculture

Training courses in organic agriculture are delivered for the trainers and farmers.  The trainingoafollowing issues are discussed: IFOAM requirements, certification, transition to organic agriculture, soil fertility and OA, OA technologies, marketing and development, networking of OA production, processing and marketing; role of mass media in promotion of OA products, education  of consumers cooperation at community level, cooperation patterns, role of networks and network formation in farming activity, etc. The issues tackled are addressed through participatory training methodology employing group work, brainstorming, role play, simulation, etc.

Training Workshops and Seminars in Organic Agriculture for farmers

Training workshops and seminars in organic agriculture are organized for farmers. The classroom presentations are followed by fields’ visits, where the activities performed by trainingoa2counterparts together with BIOS are shown. During the training NGO BIOS provides to farmers the following information:

  • information on what is OA in general
  • OA status in the RM
  • advantages of OA products
  • certification of OA products
  • how to grow OA products
  • where to buy OA products
  • nutrition facts of OA products as compared to conventional agriculture products
  • impact on health of high concentrations of agricultural chemicals
  • etc.

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