At local level

  1. Independent Farmers
  2. TarSalAgro Joint Stock Company
  3. Buteștenii Grup JSC
  4. Pirojcov-Izvoraș Farmer Enterprise
  5. “Plai – Sîrbu” Individual Enterprise
  6. Stauceni Agricultural college
  7. CBOs of Butesti, Cretaia, Tartaul dev Salcie, Zarnesti, Cajba villages
  8. NGO Cutezatorul
  9. Institute for Territory Planning “Ghiprozem”
  10. Teachers & Children from Tartaul de Salcie, Cretoaia, Butesti, Cobani Schools & Kindergartens
  11. Professors & Students from State University, Agricultural University
  12. Zonal Ecological Agencies from Cahul, Edinet & Balti
  13. Local Public Administrațion from Tartaul de Salcie, Cajba, Butești, Glodeni, Crețoaia, Dusmani, of Centru District of Chisinau, Gordinesti, Anenii Noi
  14. Edineț branch of œMoldsilva State Asociation
  15. Department of Agriculture of Balti judet
  16. Invalid Society of Centru District of Chisinau
  17. Invalid Society of Riscani District of ChisinauScaut Asociation of Cahul judet
  18. North Station of Agriculture Agrochemical Service
  19. Art School
  20. NGO TpT (Youth for Youth)

At national level

  1. Agency for Rural Development
  2. National Farmers Federation of Moldova
  3. REC Moldova
  4. NGO EcoTerra
  5. Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry
  6. Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development
  7. State Ecological Inspectorate
  8. World Bank/GEF Project œEnabling Activities related to the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Republic of Moldova
  9. EPT/Moldova
  10. Ecological Movement of Moldova
  11. National Soil Science Society of Moldova
  12. Academy for Public Administration
  13. NGO œBiodiversity Protection
  14. IREX Moldova
  15. Research Institute of Pedology & Agrochemistry, Chisinau
  16. Department for Youth of Radio/Moldova Company
  17. Research Institute of Farm Crops œSelectia
  18. Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection
  19. Research Institute of Agriculture Agrochemical Service
  20. NGO œMester Popular
  21. Central Typography

At regional level

  1. Central Research Station for Soil Erosion Control, Perieni, Romania
  2. Research Institute for Soil Science & Agrochemistry, Bucharest, Romania
  3. Foundation for Environment, Agriculture and Global Change Information Technology, Bucharest, Romania

At international level

  1. Euroconsult Mott MacDonalds
  3. Milieu
  4. Agland Investment Services Inc.
  5. Overseas Development Group de la Universitatea din Anglia de Est, Regatul Unit;
  6. RINGO.

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