On November 13, the Republic of Moldova officially launched the 2021 forestry campaign for planting your future.

The start of the Greening Campaign was assumed by the Presidency, the Parliament, the Government, the Central Branch Authority – the Ministry of Environment with subordinate institutions, other public authorities. Thus, the collaborators of the Ministry of Environment and subordinate institutions, together with representatives of the presidential apparatus, went to the “Codru” Nature Reserve in Lozova, where they participated in the afforestation works of a massif rich in secular forests.

It is a welcome campaign, especially considering the low rate of afforestation in Moldova, but also the disastrous state of existing forests. However, in order to have a big impact, the greening campaign of the representatives of the Central Public Administration had to start on degraded lands and not on the territory of the Scientific Reserve, where according to the legislation in force it should be a model worth following.

I do not know to what extent they are specialists in the field of soil Ministry of the Environment, but if they want to start such a company throughout the country, then they had to say if it is the right time to make this greening company. From the data we have, the water content in the soil is at the level of wilting. Pedologists and agronomists know that in these conditions it is not recommended to plant trees and shrubs, nor annual plants. We would like to get out of the campaigns (electoral, greening, etc.) and to carry out sustainable activities so that people’s lives and the state of the environment improve.

Valentin Ciubotaru,

Executive director, NGO BIOS

Valentin Ciubotaru

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