Am avut deosebita plăcere să discut cu mulți participanți la cea de-a 14 Conferință a Părților UNCCD în India și să primesc mesaje de la dânșii. Unul dintre ei e Jannis, un tânăr din Germania care a participat atât la Forumul tinerilor care noi l-am organizat împreună cu ei, cât și în unul din grupele de lucru care îl facilitam.

M-a impresionat foarte mult inițiativele tinerilor, dar și dedicația lor. Mai jos includ scrisoarea care am primit-o de la Jannis. Mă bucur foarte mult că am putut contribui cu ceva ca să susținem și să promovăm inițiativele lor.

Dear CSO friends,

it was a pleasure to meet you all for integrating me since my first day at cop even though I am still only an 18-year-old high school student. I got to know many of you in the last days and would love to keep contact with you.

Yesterday night some friends of mine from the Youth Forum were joking about hosting and conference in Germany. But while overthinking the idea we found out that the idea wasn’t such unrealistic as we thought at first. So let’s see, if we can manage it. It would definitely be a pleasure to have some of you as speakers. If you are interested in supporting us in organizing the youth conference, I would be happy if you could text me. Furthermore I have my contact details in the following, to stay in touch. It was a pity that we couldn’t spend more time together and try to influence the policies together. Enjoy the remaining conference and please keep lobbying our position. I would appreciate to meet you all soon. Maybe in Chile.

Best, Jannis (Fridays for Future)

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